Monday, February 02, 2009

Here's to the future.......

"Anxiously awaiting that day of rest which will surely never come" (paraphrase).

The other day the Elders were over and I said some typical BS comment which was probably 90% sarcastic and they said, "Wow, I'm gonna write that down." They both proceeded to pull out their notebooks and wrote down what I said. These guys are smart. What a great way to have members think highly of you. Quote what they said, truly genius.

My favorite quote which I claim as 100% original is "men are only as rich as the roads they travel on." The rich may fly private jets and helicopters but they still drive on the same roads and get the same blown tires due to said roads. That must be so humiliating.

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Rachel said...

haha, I love that, glad you posted it. I will remember that one. :)