Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Boone bends over in frustration after grounding out in what turned out to be his last at bat as a Mariner. In his last at bat he grounded out with the game tied with 2 men on in the eigth. The Mariners went on to lose 6-5 and their 7th in a row. Some shed tears of sorrow but mine were filled with joy. Bret Boone was officially released from the Mariners on Sunday. The Mariners were instantly filled with hope. Well, at least enough hope to win the game 2-1. Not surprisingly the Mariners won on Tuesday as well 6-0. Recently the Mariners had a strech where they won 12 out of 17 or so. During this stretch Boone had sat most of these games. He was benched to work on his mechanics. Then Boone came back. Thus began the 7 game skid, Boone was released and bam the team's back on track with 2 straight wins. All this is very ironic because I said not less than a week ago that the day the Mariners get rid of Boone is the day they become competetive. The M's have also been on a skid for the last 2 years, coinciding with Boone's 2 year slump. No coincidences here. Boone is gone, the M's can make the playoffs, I believe and so should you. The cancer is gone. I am very passionate on the subject as I'm sure you can tell. And I think this picture tells the story almost to well. It was time, and I am thrilled. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

too true

this ones for the fam
i thought it was pretty funny
but im sure a couple of people will be offended
if your going to be offended dont look at it
consider yourself forewarned
the address is funny too, huh