Sunday, September 30, 2007

i live for conspiracies.

defined: A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act

conspiracies that i believe in


corporations behind such conspiracies

gm chevron
Philip morris (Nabisco, craft, tobacco)
Pfizer johnson and johnson

truths which explain these conspiracies

power and money
intelligence power and money
ignorance intelligence power and money

I believe in conspiracies. They do exist and affect our lives. At the heart of each one of these conspiracies is selfishness.

I won't delve into 9.11 but I do believe that those who were in power positions at the time of the "attacks" are responsible.

Much of the current global warming problem is due to fossil fuels. Billions if not trillions of dollars are at stake if the current transportation methods were made obsolete. The manufacturing of electric cars has been feasible for several decades now and at one point they were manufactured. However at that point they were only leased out and were never sold? Why? The documentary: who killed the electric car? may help you answer that question.

This week I was at a presentation in which a doctor related his experiences as a director of a drug recovery clinic which has a 90% success rate. He explained that toxins from drugs get stuck in the adipose or fat tissue of individuals and that the only way to get those toxins out of that tissue is through stick diet, discipline and abstinence. Through his 8 week program many have recovered. He believes that much of the money made from processed foods is due to consumers becoming addicted to the substances contained therein. The fact that Philip Morris owns both kraft and Nabisco makes you wonder if there is much of a distinction in being addicted to cigarettes or certain processed foods.

Lastly, and this is purely my opinion, much of science is hindered by the political processes surrounding the advancement of science. For example, currently the development of a drug from initial stages of development to the prescription market takes a decade or two can costs billions of dollars. Society is unable to benefit from many advances in science due to unreasonable barriers to entry in both cost and time.

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