Saturday, January 26, 2008

concerning my up and coming independance day

Differentiating between wants and needs of course.

All things vintage. Suprisingly all of the following were actual possessions of the family at one point.

Super NES (just the console. I have everything else. Somehow it broke in my most recent move.)

The old Sega Genesis and original Sega with the card slot games. I know that we had them at some point I just don't know where they would be.

The original NES we had in the pool room and all the games. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I acquired all of that from a friend for 20 bucks, but throughout the years all these vintage/classic games and consoles have been lost or stolen. Probably both.

The old Atari floppy drive and games. Some vintage joysticks would be cool too. The old Atari keyboard and accompanying cartridges that slid into the back of the keyboard.

So basically all I'm asking is that these classics be scrounged up and sent my way. No big deal. Thats all I want this year folks. Be a pal and put a stamp on a box and send it my way.

Upon receipt of the aforementioned I will consider myself truly free and independent at long last. Free at last, free at last.........