Wednesday, April 25, 2007

once again. round and round we go

so it has happened once again. somehow for some reason i had to talk to my boss agian. So it goes. Anyway, so one of my co-workers was taking a quiz for work and this other girl, previously mentioned as the super annoying chic, comes up and starts telling her all these answers. which are completely incorrect, which I pointed out. She quickly retorted that I was very prideful, but not in a nice way, it was more of an explosion. So yeah, there was a little banter back and forth and I ended up asking her if it was that time of the month.

Long story short, she runs off and talks to the boss again and then I have to talk to the boss where he informs me that next time there will be dicsiplinary action taken. Oh no, not disciplinary action. just kidding, this is all very serious. But i told the boss that I didnt actually initially talk to her and this was main concern in our first discussion that I never initially talked to her and she went out of her way to annoy me and that he should tell her that she should stop going out of her way. anyway so I told him to talk to her again, as obviously she still did not understand. Evidently he has talked to her because there haven't really been any issues since. The good news is that I am now on my week on week off schedule and she works on the opposite weeks, so once she starts her schedule it should all be good. i pray she starts on her schedule soon.