Sunday, November 29, 2009


It would appear that this blog has been neglected. You might think that owner of such blog sees no need to blog. Or perhaps, you assume, he has befallen to some tragedy that took his life or the life of someone close to him and he or she, lost all motivation to type and/or copy and paste or save pictures and post pictures. I would hope, for your sake, you have made no assumptions. You know who you are. Perhaps you don't. In which, I feel deeply for your soul and hope that some day you will be walking down the street and have what some call an "ahah" moment. In cartoons this is typically drawn with a light bulb going off relatively close to the head and may include a finger pointing upward. Or perhaps you think that said owner of blog has no sense of sharing itself or that he/she has nothing really exciting going on in his/her life and that its still cloudy outside and the pavement is still wet so what does it all really matter anyway. Well, well. You might be also wondering if there is a point to the rambling rumblings of this individual and if there is any point to the words which have been set in a particular order, and wonder if they are somehow out of order. I can assure you they are not. I have recently read letters which have nearly if any thought or planning for the next word or the previous word, and I have tried, somewhat, but not too much, to attempt such thoughtless in this text. I feel that I have failed miserably and stand (actually sitting right now) in wonder and amazement how one can write with such disregard to the natural flow of logic. It is almost as REM where somehow captured on the page, postage was paid and the letter was sent on its way. I marvel at your mastery of this, this art I suppose.

Though this blog has severly neglected I do find the internet much more entertaining when I can read the writings, if even complete gibberish, of those who I know, than to read the literary genius of the AP. I hope you find the above breaking many literary rules and standards. What a relief! Real writing, no editing.

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